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Alabaster Waikiki Wave

If I were to say Waikiki Beach, you might think I meant the beach in Hawaii, but there’s another Waikiki in Long Beach, WA.  A few times a year, when the King Tides are forecast (King Tides are exceptionally high tides that occur during a new or full moon), you’ll find a sea of photographers out with their tripods and long lenses, waiting for the perfect shot of a curl against the lighthouse above.  

I’ve definitely been a part of that group, and you would be amazed at the shots they get each year, whether it is under sunny skies, or more typically, a Pacific Northwest rain.  

That was the original inspiration for a piece of alabaster that I received at a 2023 Women’s Hand Carving Retreat sponsored by the Northwest Stone Sculptor Association (NWSSA).  This was put on and attended by an extraordinary group of women sculptors, and they definitely “set the hook” on my interest in stone sculpture!

Taking a piece of stone from inspiration to completion is something new to me, and honestly I was pretty obsessed as I tried to figure out what to do with the stone. The number of ideas I ran through was  ridiculous until I looked at some of my King Tide images.  Suddenly there it was- an Alabaster Waikiki Wave!  

And there is where the fun started – first the rough out, then the refining, then the sanding (dry and wet), and finally the polishing and buffing.  

If you have an interest in sculpting stone, I highly recommend becoming a member of NWSSA.  I was and am a sponge on their resources, and for those of you who know me well, yes I now have an entire bookshelf of resource materials that have been read, highlighted, noted, dog-eared, and flagged!  LOL!



and now, the final reveal!

March, 2024

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