Edge of the World

a Pacific Northwest Community

Explore our community and beyond where the Columbia River slams into the Pacific Ocean.
Laugh with us as we learn to live at the ‘edge of the world’.

Local Community

Long Beach Rodeo – Americana

Americana… Not many people get to experience real, small town Americana.  Actually, let’s be honest.  There aren’t many of us anymore who really know what

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Savoring Moments

Life is filled with moments. Some we take for granted and some we want to forget. Then there are those magic moments worth savoring. Part

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How hard can it be?

Yea, ok, kinda hard… So this all started when we were planning for the wedding.  You know those little favors that everyone passes out at

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House Building

Cha-Cha-Cha Changes

We recently returned from the great Northwest. The trip was filled with family, friends, fun and Thanksgiving. Yes, a bit of rain too! It was

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Welcome Autumn!

What do you call this time of year? Harvest? Autumn? Fall? The sunlight turns from bright white to golden while the leaves start turning brilliant

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Our Property

Dreams Do Come True

Have you ever met anyone who is living his or her dream? It’s a rare few who do. My parents happen to be the only

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Experience the sounds and ‘music’ of the Pacific Northwest with PNW Moments.

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