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How hard can it be?

Yea, ok, kinda hard… So this all started when we were planning for the wedding.  You know those little favors that everyone passes out at weddings?  Usually something like Jordan Almonds in fish net, etc.?  Yea, well I thought we would be different.  Really the only thing that I would not be moved on by anyone at our wedding reception was the champagne.  We have a wonderful champagne contact in Peggy Ahrens of Domain Carneros, and from my perspective, we were having that darn Rose if it was the only thing that we had!  … and to go with it, we should have an appropriate “wine themed” wedding favor.  Enter the individually designed wooden wine bottle stoppers (hey, it was close to champagne!).  I googled, I read, I watched YouTube, and I bought a really REALLY small lathe!  My first attempts are too embarrassing to show, but I’ll start to post “the journey” in case anyone has an interest in how we came to invest in Bandaid Corp..

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