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Introducing our new Dragonfly Series of pens!

Google up animal symbolism and you’ll find that dragonflies signify good luck, purity, harmony and prosperity. Matter of fact, some cultures believe that if you make a wish when you see a dragonfly, it will come true (hey, I’ll take all the luck I can lately!)

I was attempting to get one particularly beautiful dragonfly to pose for the camera last weekend (no luck) and thought it might be fun to create a series of pens with iridescent swirls of color like those I was chasing with my camera. 

Honestly, I love these pens and will definitely continue creating them.  Here are a few selections from this new Dragonfly Series of pens.  Each pen uses a custom-created blank with luminescent colors and swirls (no two are alike), and all are hand-crafted with the finest component materials to last for years to come.  As we toe into the gift giving season, they might be a great option, or spark another good idea for someone on your list!

As for the dragonfly, as one of the most colorful and iridescent creatures, it is hard to believe that dragonflies live above water (after their larval stage) an average of only 30 weeks- a year at most. All of that color, and all of that life in a year… talk about having to live in the present!  A few more fascinating facts to help you on your next Trivia night (you can thank me later)

  • Dragonflies have the ability to fly in any direction (including sideways and backwards) and can hover in a spot for up to a minute.
  • They can fly up to 18 miles per hour  
  • Dragonflies can and do eat from 30 to hundreds of mosquitoes per day. Yes, per DAY.  Here in the Pacific Northwest, this fact gets my award as personal favorite 🙂
  • Dragonflies have spurred and inspired many pieces of technology from drones to artificial visual systems.

Hope you enjoy the pens and as always, I’d welcome any suggestions or comments.  I’ve also started taking custom orders.  Here’s the link to some of the other pens we’ve created.  <Etsy Shop>  Hope you enjoy!  

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