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Mama Said

I have been MIA from our blog for the better part of a year. What happened you ask? Well… we moved into our homestead, started a home-based business, had a bad malware attack on our website and a pandemic. Let’s just let that sink in a moment while queuing the music…

            “Mama said there’ll be days like this
             There’ll be days like this, my mama said
             (Mama said, mama said)…” by the Shirelles

I know they were singing about a boy, but for some crazy reason, that’s the song that runs through my head.  Each. And. Every. Day. Your Welcome.

Like everyone else in our state (WA) and in the nation, we are under a shelter in place order. This has had major impacts upon our rural community and its economy. In the face of the pandemic, the peninsula and its inhabitants have banded together (via phone, text, and virtually) to help each other through this. It’s rugged determination at its finest.

My message is one of resilience. We are resilient. We will get through this. As I type this, spring has sprung. Our ancient pear tree has masses of blooms, the black bears are foraging, and the bald eagles soar overhead. Nature is a great teacher. Look around and find the good, help family and friends. Remember to have humor, lots of humor.

As for me, my goals are to work on new blog content and to safely get outside and enjoy spring.  

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