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May-“Hem”, June Gloom…What the?

A pandemic, a recession, political unrest and violence. Is it just me or is anyone else expecting locusts? (Kidding) I want off Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. In true Pacific Northwest style, add rain. So, when things seem out of control, turn to what you have right smack in front of you. In our case, it’s a property filled with learning opportunities and there is always housework. What could possibly go wrong?

Spring Waits for No One

 Edna, our aged pear tree, has baby pears! We’ve been pruning and feeding her in hopes of bringing her back to life. This is news people! Fingers crossed, we will outfox the bears and get to sample one pear. Here’s hoping for the impossible.

My wife discovered another (HUGE) pear tree not far from Edna. She weed-whacked her way into the tree and it is a beast. Due to finding the tree into the fruiting season, we will have to wait to start pruning and feeding it as well. My mom has declared the tree is a “he” and christened him Alphonse. Edna and Alphonse, the beginnings of our future orchard. Hurray!

Aside from this fun news, we’ve been working on removing Scotch broom and beach pines from our property. This is going to be a year’s long project with nearly no end in sight. Jealous? HA! Yea, fun times. Me, a chainsaw and mosquitos. What is not to love.

Learning Opportunities

 Let’s just say, I’m now real familiar with transporting others to the emergency room of the local hospital. My favorite part; is the questioning while temperature taking. “I’m with her, the one with the bloody stump.” Ok, so sarcasm doesn’t translate when you are wearing a mask! Still makes me laugh. So, in and out with the patient bandaged up and medicated. Minor but painful injury. All is good.

I’m going to Leave You with Sam

Sam, the swallow, arrives twice daily to stare at his reflection in our picture window. He perches on the deck railing and sings with all his might. When the “other” bird does not respond; he starts to dance, flirt and puff out his little chest. He’s completely unaware that he is watching himself. It’s funny, endearing and re-focuses me to enjoy the “now”. To stop worrying about everything I can’t control.

He reminds me the choice is mine; to never give up, be your true self and keep trying your best. This time we are in – will pass. Thank you, dear sweet Sam!

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  1. Sandra Collins

    Lovely! Slowing down, reconnecting and taking notice, are all beautiful things!

    1. Rebecca

      Hello, and I apologize for the delay. I appreciate your words of encouragement. Thank you!

  2. Tom Lorente

    Great writing. Made me smile. Keep it up your views on the Pacific Northwest are priceless..

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