My Top Tips for a Brand New Photographer

My Top Tips for a Brand New Photographer

Boy I wish someone had told me these things when I first started. A bulleted list that might help the aspiring photographer!
  1. S-L-O-W is key at first. Yup, just like golf, good photography is not unfortunately a game of speed

  2. There are literally TONS of photography topics probably in your backyard or a square block of where you are sitting. Seriously! Photography is not about finding the exotic. It’s about finding the exotic or unique in everything around you.

  3. It’s really ok to experiment – nobody has to see your images but you.

Just like a great musician, great things come from the artist not the equipment. Find your passion in photography, get some solid equipment, and make that equipment sing! More to come but I was just musing on that as I looked around the backyard today. Get down on the ground, look up, turn your lens around on the camera, pic something small and get up close and personal with it, go full contrast and look for patterns, change your perspective, and have fun! -p

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