New designs from the workshop!

New designs from the workshop!

Limited Edition “Resin River” pens! 

I love taking beautiful woods and matching them with the ebb and flow of poured resins.  It can create a river of color that accentuates the wood and brings a unique personality to the pen.  This is our approach when doing all in our “Resin River” series of pens, and I sincerely hope you like them as much as we do-

Whether you like rollerballs or fountain pens, these are completely unique looks that add to any collection.  Enjoy!

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  1. Anthony Fleres

    I love your pens. I am a pen crafter also. I am trying to find pen kits like yours. Any ideas for me to pursue?
    Anthony Fleres

    1. Patrice

      Hi Anthony-
      So glad you like the pens! I have a bunch of good ideas for you and will definitely share! I’m out of the office right now so can you give me a couple of days and I’ll send you an email with some good stuff? 🙂

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