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Rod Run to the End of the World

Somewhat signifying the end of summer out in our neck of the woods is the Long Beach Peninsula’s Annual “Rod Run to the End of the World”, put on in glorious fashion by the Beach Barons Car Club.  This year was the 39th year of the event and although we have not lived here for even half that time, it is one of the big events of the peninsula, full of fun and family.  Lots of cars, lots of vendors, even a pine box derby for the kids!

The Rod Run itself has quite a history out here.  From their website (click link for more information), it is “recognized throughout the Northwest, and in 1994 the event drew over 1300 entries and 6,000 to 8,000 spectators.  … The Rod Run is a family favorite and is noted for its emphasis on safety, entertainment, community spirit, and plenty of activities for everyone.”  

Now remember, we are on the Pacific Northwest coast and sometimes the weather can be a bit fickle this time of year.  It is not uncommon to see fog, drizzle, rain, or thankfully in the case of this year’s Rod Run, brilliant sunshine and warm temperatures.  It was a perfect September weekend and so out I headed, camera in tow, to get a few pictures of these amazing vehicles.  

All of the cars and trucks were out in their glory, and as I walked by at the start of their day, it was apparent that these were “labors of love” for everyone in the family.  I even saw a toddler doing his darnedest to polish a hubcap! 

Throughout the day I met some really wonderful people, learned a LOT about cars and trucks, and yes, even found the car I want Santa to bring  (ok Santa.  That may not be fair; let’s just hope for a REALLY BIG lottery win!)

Of course, you have to have a few entries that just bring a smile to your face!

There are many reasons I wanted to share these pictures and this event with you, but the biggest is this.  It is very easy to live somewhere and not explore all it has to offer. Certainly when you move to a new neighborhood you are excited at all it has to offer, but then life happens.  We get consumed by house projects, work, and other priorities and bit by bit many of the things we most wanted to experience in our own backyards fall off the priority list, or worse are completely forgotten.  Becky and I are on a mission to not let this happen to us (I mean come on, we have to keep creating memories to retell in our rockers on our porch someday!) 

All of this to urge you to tune in to your local visitors bureau, read the “weekend events” section of the paper or websites, and get out and have some fun! 

… oh, and Santa?  If you are reading this are wondering, I wouldn’t turn away a 1957 Porsche Speedster!  🙂  

Happy fall everyone!


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