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Savoring Moments

Life is filled with moments. Some we take for granted and some we want to forget. Then there are those magic moments worth savoring.

Part of me didn’t want to write about this, I wanted to be selfish and keep them to myself. This magic day came with a reminder, and that is that time is simultaneously precious and fleeting. Do not take for granted those who are in your life.

What was this moment? It was an average day spent with my dad – pure and simple.  On our property, we dug post holes and set property markers, and laughed and reminisced for hours. After we finished, we sat on the tailgate of my dad’s weather-beaten truck to admire our work, the beautiful day, and our wild property. It was a perfect moment in time.

After a break, we moved on to Dad’s property. We loaded branches and limbs into his truck and set off for the transfer station. After emptying the truck my dad looked at me and in true dad form, wanted to explore, saying, “let’s go find the Willapa Bay reserve!”. Off we went on a father-daughter adventure. We ended up at the Riekkola Unit of the Willapa Bay National Reserve. It was stunning. Gorgeous wetland and bay views. Nearby, the cows were enjoying a lazy day in the pasture while bald eagles flew overhead. We promised to return soon to hike the trails in this beautiful place.

As we drove away, dad declared that we must adhere to the “transfer station tradition” of going to McDonald’s for a vanilla ice cream cone. Who am I to argue with tradition? We ended the day with a drive through our small hometown.

I wish moments like these could last forever. Being outside with my dad enjoying a day filled with working, talking, laughing and exploring. Life doesn’t get much better.

Here’s to savoring more moments.


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    I agree whole heartedly. dad

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