Sunday Morning in September

Ok, I get it.  It’s Sunday morning and just feels like it should be a lazy day… the kind of day that you let just happen to you.  For me, this usually means that the dogs have gotten us up at 4:15am (yes, having an older dog can sometimes just be loads of fun!) and we have walked and fed them and they are currently curled up on the muffin about as close to the fireplace as a dog can get without simply combusting.  Oh, and don’t forget the snoring!  So it begs the question why in the heck am I not just going back to bed for a few more minutes of shut eye?  

Yea, well I promised myself that this year would be different, and I would no longer come up with excuses to just let life happen.  I would get up and stay up and explore all that the area has to offer.  Who knows what I might find!  So this somewhat cloudy, a bit chilly September Sunday morning I did just that, and found a secret spot so quiet and peaceful, I just had to sit for awhile and listen.  It was absolutely worth it – I started my day grateful for the time, appreciating the day, and content.  

Thought I’d share it with you… a simple Sunday morning in September

… and don’t forget to turn on your speakers!

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