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The Astoria Megler Bridge = Coming Home

Let’s start with what I call “Nerd Notes”:

 – It is the longest continuous truss bridge in North America

 – It’s built to withstand 150mph (240km/h) wind gusts and river speeds of 9 mph (14km/h)

 – Movies that featured this bridge: Short Circuit, Kindergarten Cop & The Goonies

 – Spans the Columbia River gorge from Astoria, OR. To Point Ellice near Megler, WA.

whales in columbia river

The drive from one side to the other is spectacular. You never know what you might see. Recently, whales were spotted feeding and frolicking in the waters. You might catch a glimpse of bald eagles soaring high above or see shore birds doing a tidal dance. When my dad spots a group of birds lined up on one of the sand bars, he proclaims the lunch “buffet” has started.

As soon as I see the bridge, I know I have made it home. The wild water, ever-changing skies and fresh air always make me smile. Nature has a way of pulling you in directions you never thought possible. It’s something I feel each time I drive over the bridge and closer to home, family, and friends.

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