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Slightly Fuzzy Kites!

The Power of Music

I’m listening to a live stream (video) of a Dave Koz summer concert. From our deck I can see huge colorful kites flying over the beach. They are magnificent. A gentle breeze moving them back and forth.

In my mind, I’m at this concert with friends. Swaying to the music and probably drinking a “little” too much wine. Pandemic, fires or political chaos? Nope, not today. Today is all about the music and its power to take you places. I can’t stop smiling, living in this moment.

Summer is easing into fall. The sunlight is turning gold and the days are getting shorter. I’m choosing to savor one of the remaining wonderful warm sunny days here on the Long Beach peninsula.

Take a moment. Go outside. Turn on your favorite music.




Trust me, it will be transformative – even for a few moments. The rest of what is waiting can sit on the back burner until the concert is over.

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  1. Thomas Lorente

    YA Baby, Love the day and coz music. Love you both,


  2. DeEtta

    You make me smile…🎶🎶 🥂 🏖 🥰🥰

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