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Whale Tail in Resin and Wood

It started with a dog walk and piece of driftwood- a kind of cool looking chunk of wood that was definitely worth playing with!  I honestly wasn’t sure what it was going to be or how I would use it, but I put it in my backpack anyway and continued to walk with Becky and the dogs.  

That piece of wood migrated to my workshop where it stayed for some time.  Occasionally I’d look at it, trying to make something stand out in my head.  I wanted to somehow use it in a marine theme, but the wood was a bit “punky”  and soft, so I used a chemical solution to stabilize and harden the pithy areas such that it could eventually be carved, or sliced and made into a cheese board, or, hey wait a minute!  I could carve it into a whale tail!    



So, I built a box, secured it to a side, and gently poured some ocean blues and silvers and and force my incredibly impatient self to wait for what seemed like FOREVER until it cured.  Thus was born a solid block of resin/wood ready to de-mold and carve.  

Finally the start of the fun part, carving the tail…  and refining… and refining some more, then sanding (and sanding and sanding down to 3200)   Next up was adding a resin and wood polish and finally I was able to buff and mount the piece. Whew!  I have to admit that it was a heck of a lot of fun, so much so that I now have a few pieces of burl and wood drying in my workshop and waiting for inspiration to strike! 



And here is the final piece!



Completed October 23, 2023

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