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Zippy the Land-Locked Snail

If you saw my whale tail post, you may know that I’m becoming infatuated with mixed media carving (amongst other things that I can’t wait to finish!) I have literally no idea why I wanted to do a snail carving, but it seemed very “me” at the time, and gave me an opportunity to experiment with resin and wood in a different way from previous projects.  

Sitting in my workshop on a shelf that was basically storing wood scraps, was a piece of burl and a couple of stray cutoffs (ends from other projects).  I thought if I could just embed those pieces of wood in the right places, I might be able to create a kind of “peekaboo” wood/smokey resin look for the piece.

So into the resin box that wood went, and in a matter of days, out came a solid block of smokey resin ready to carve!

Unfortunately I did not get a shot of the resin box mess where I forgot to spray mold release and basically had to chainsaw the box off the resin block before moving on!!

Once cured, I rough carved the shape, refining down again to sanding from 80 – 400 and wet sanding from 400 – 1200, followed by polishing and buffing.  When that was all complete, I fashioned some tentacles (yes, they have eyes on tentacles not antennae!) and mounted them onto Zippy.



…and Voila!  Zippy the Snail was born!



March 5, 2024

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